JT Media Holdings is a fine arts and media company which asked itself, “how can we offer products which really help people?”

So, since everyone was wandering through the wilderness looking for the next photoshoot anyway, we took inventory of what was really useful… and we put it in a low-overhead mobile services menu for anyone to access, from even the cheapest mobile phones – because you shouldn’t need a big outlay to grab a worldwide marketplace you can use in the wilderness if you hit a signal pocket, anywhere in the world.

Of course, the other thing that was useful was information about how to do neat things. Information was meant to be free, so we have a wealth of tips, tutorials, and idea – here and on the main site – on how to do for yourself, how to replace almost everything with something you can do, and easy ways to live.

We’re building a new world, made up of what is good and easier ways to live and sensible things. We’re creating the revolution and making the world a better place – and helping you to see more of it – and you’re invited to give any part of it that seems useful to you a try… but if you don’t want to weave your own backpack? Don’t worry, push a button, and it can be delivered almost anywhere…

Welcome to the new age. It’s here for you.


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